Welcome to ECU Tuning Files

We have been supplying tuning files for over 6 years and have been involved with vehicle tuning for over 10.

There is no need to register with our site or top up some prepay method you simply upload your original file to use, we email you back a quote and Paypal details. If you want the file you pay and we send.

Tuning Tools

We will supply files for any tuning tool not just the professional tools, as amateurs also need good tuning. Files must be from a master or stand alone system.

We supply files for: Byteshooter, CMD, Genius, Optican, MPPS, KWP2000, Galleto, BDM PRO, BDM100, EVC BDM, KESS, KESS V2.

We can also sell tuning tools so use the page to contact us if you want a price.

Uploading Your File

We are based in the UK. Between the hours of 9am GMT and 5pm GMT you will have an email response within 30 minutes to an hour with a price, once confirmed we will email the file back within 1 hour of receiving payment. Files out of these hours will be processed ASAP some within the evening others will be next day.

We can supply files for any ECU type that can be read, We offer stage 1, Stage 2 Etc, Economy, DPF removal, EGR Removal and other custom work just put into comments exactly what you require and we will see what we can do.

Tune Your ECU

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